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Surveys and collection audits

In order to gather information on a collection or site it is often necessary to carry out a survey or assessment. There are a number of different ways to do this depending on the type of collection and the reasons for conducting an appraisal. In most cases, (unless a particular survey method is requested) I will devise a survey methodology to suit the particular circumstances and needs of the client.

"The consultant reacted to unexpected aspects of the survey with great professionalism and grace, working extremely hard in sometimes challenging circumstances." Sarah Radford, Archivist - St Paul’s Cathedral Archives Condition Survey

A good survey and subsequent analysis of data will provide the organisation with the right information, clear recommendations and options for action. The resulting report often also includes a risk assessment, guide to archival packaging, options and briefs for any conservation treatments - depending on the specific requirements of the collection and client.


Books surveyed

For example - How many books would benefit from a phase-box? Survey figures can be used to persuade higher management or a funder to provide the resources necessary to fulfil an ambitious boxing programme.

Selected case studies

Client Project
St Paul's Cathedral Full survey of archive documents (parchment and paper) and bound registers. Report included a full list of items on a Word doc & Excel spreadsheet, costings & options for archive packaging and conservation.
Manchester Metropolitan University An assessment of the Arts for Health archives was carriedout to identify the primary risks to the collection, quantify the amount of material and immediate actions required to secure and benefit the material.
Imperial War Museum: Art, Documents and Printed Books Departments As part of the South East Block improvement project, I conducted a survey of the collections: Art: 47 500, Printed Books: 375 000, Documents: 20 000. The survey reported on transit & storage requirements, archive packaging, storage furniture and recommended environmental conditions for upgraded storage areas.
Norris Museum, Huntingdonshire Collections survey of library and archive collections to include priorities for conservation, volunteer work, estimate of costs and commendations on future care and storage.
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