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In my home life, conservation covers more than collections – I am also occupied with the conservation of a Norfolk Wildlife Trust, County Wildlife Site called Broomhill Meadows which consists of a small area of wet-land. It is a haven for birds and the damp grassland is a species-rich area for wet-land plants.

Broomhill Meadows

The 2 hectare area is fenced and managed by regular conservation grazing to clear the land for the smaller plants to grow. Another 2 hectare area of land has been planted with 1500 indigenous trees (oak, alder, willow, ash) with the aid of a Woodland Trust MOREWOODS grant in 2010.

Jack Lindsay

Another pursuit of mine revolves around the work of my father – the author Jack Lindsay. I have contributed several articles and talks in a number of subjects concerned with his life and work:

Jack Lindsay and the Politics of Knowledge, University of Sydney, Transforming Cultures Research Centre symposium 2014, Keynote paper 'Jack Lindsay and MI5: more than surveillance', Helen Lindsay

Forbidden Access: Censoring Books and Archives Institute of English Studies, Senate House, 2014 'Hostile Biography: authorship and redaction in the KV2/ series of MI5 files', Helen Lindsay

Government Secrecy in the Era of Openness: An ACARM Symposium Senate House, 2015 'Absolute Exemption: The Secret Service and Immunity from Public Interest', Helen Lindsay

Jack Lindsay Who are the English? 2014 Smokestack Books published a volume of selected poetry

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